Why Networking

Why Business Network?

Ham & High BNI is all about business networking in North London – but why could your business benefit from it? Well, when you need to get some work done, how do go about finding the right person or company? Look in the yellow Pages? Respond to an advert in a newspaper or magazine? Take a phone number off one of the many flyers that come though the letterbox every day?

You’ve probably done all three at one time or another – but are you really happy with any of them? Are you confident that the service you want will be provided in a professional way? Like most people you are probably much happier if you can act on personal recommendation – and that is what joining Ham & High BNI gives you.

Business marketing – extend your sales team

In effect every other member of the group becomes a source of personal recommendations for you and your business – and you can confidently recommend your fellow members to your network of clients, friends and colleagues. When you join Harm & High BNI you commit to carrying out any work received through referral to the best professional standards – and anyone that fails to do so soon falls by the wayside.