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Go to the Members Page on this website and you will find the full list of Ham & High BNI members, together with their profession and contact details. Any of us will be happy to talk to you about what BNI has done for our business.


Alternatively,if you want to talk specifically about joining Ham & High BNI please contact:
Membership Co-Ordinator – Daniel Davel

Leadership Team

 Chapter director – Hilary Burbidge
Membership Co-Ordinator – Daniel Davel
Secretary Treasurer – Sarah Mitchell
Chief Visitor Host – Melvyn Landsman
Visitor Host – David AmiorDennis Tam
Events Organiser (Social Secretary) – Amanda Neilson
Education Co-OrdinatorHanna Zminskovska
Mentor Co-Ordinator - Gillian White with Melvyn Landsman
Power Team Leader - Gillian White with Melvyn Landsman
Web Site Copy ReaderAdam Nathan

Or contact the local BNI Director for North Central London  Hilary Burbidge.