Business Networking Opportunity

The Feedback!
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Here’s what some of the members have to say about business networking with BNI:

Marsali Mackenzie – Virtual Assistant – North London
Joining the BNI has been the best move I have made. It has given my new business a jump start beyond my expectations. Added to this you will find a group of lovely people all with the same objective to grow their own business and that of their fellow chapter members.

Andreas Krueger – Door Security & Locksmith Solutions – North London
One of the best business decision you can ever make: join BNI. And then you think: why didn’t I do this earlier!

Lawrence Bernstein – Professional Speech Writer – London
An opportunity to introduce your services to a group of likeminded, likeable people who want to promote your business as much as they want you to promote theirs.

Lucy Williams – Wedding photographer – North London
I have recently joined BNI Ham & High and I am very much enjoying being part of a group of friendly, supportive and encouraging people running a variety of innovative and entrepreneurial businesses.

Joe Crosby – Design and Build Company – North London
I never imagined I would get results so quickly, or that I would look forward to Tuesday mornings so much

Faye Watts – Accountant – North London
BNI has proved to give really positive results and is always an enjoyable experience.

Jacky Lewis – Mediation and employment trouble – shooting
BNI is a brilliant and vibrant organisation that will help you focus on developing and enhancing your business successes. You will find that members are mutually supportive and extremely generous of their time and care.

Amanda Neilson – Interior Designer – North London
It’s a supportive and positive way to do business and fun too.

Joanna Eatwell – Web Design & Branding – North London
Its exciting and fantastic!

Robert Schon – Tax Planning Solicitor – North London
From my experience in the BNI group I find that it is the most successful business group

Peggy Guglielmino – Hypnotherapist & NLP practitioner – North London
After only a few weeks my business has increased significantly thanks to the friendly and professional help of the other BNI members

Christopher Michael Hall – Solicitors – North London
BNI is definitely a good place to do business. I have been impressed by the experience and professionalism of my fellow members.