Joining Ham & High BNI is one of the best decisions you can make.

Join us and you lock out your competitors from all our members’ business networks – and in effect recruit us as your below the line sales and marketing team. As part of the ‘givers gain’ philosophy at the heart of BNI you also become a key part of the new business effort for every other member of the group. And joining BNI isn’t just about getting more business.

You’ll meet a great group of people with whom you can discuss every aspect of the modern business and trading environment.
You’ll learn a lot, too. With up to 30 members in the group you’ll meet people running businesses in areas you’ve never even heard of before.
You’ll find everyone you’d expect to find – accountants, designers, car mechanics, computer support groups, dentists – but what about cranio-sacral therapists and feng-shui consultants?
You’ll find out how they all operate – and pretty soon you’ll be giving and taking referrals for people and businesses you never knew existed.

There are a couple of formal hurdles you have to jump.
– You have to pay the joining fee and one year’s membership.
– You have to provide two references – and you can be sure that they will be contacted.